[AgriVice] Informing farmers on agricultural landuse and wild reserves

Informing farmers on agricultural landuse and wild reserves


Project idea in couple of sentences:

This project seeks to inform farmers, policy makers and reserchers on the clear cut difference between agicultural landuse and wild reserves which are often neglected.

The story behind the project: why are you specifically interested by this issue?

Available datasets to be used:

This project aims at helping farmers optimize crop production as well as increase their income and productivity of their land.

—> The information needed is the price, yield, market demand, and technical information on quality of the land

  • Data: pricing exists but only at national level

The process:

1 - Do online research


2 - Sketch, sketch, and sketch!


Develop the idea step by step


Discuss the idea

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Pitch feedback

–> The project is interesting and relevant to resilience because farmers access to local prices is a real challenge. They lack this access to information, but not only this, they also lack good advice. Which is what you offer to do though recommendations, your added-value.


  • Could you check if there existing tools on the markets that have the same function?

AGRIVICE1.pptx (3.2 MB)

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Final Pitch

AGRIVICE.pdf (1.2 MB)

The project