Civic Tech Catalogs


Civic tech catalogs of the world, unite!


Dear all,

The number of Civic Tech catalogs that we are all building is growing. Just on Personal Democracy Forum CEE we have been hosting Matt Stokes and Toby Baker who are behind Digital Social Innovation, Johan Groenen and Milo van der Linden who are behind Clarity, Matt Stempeck growing Civic Tech Field Guide and myself who worked on the content of and linked Code for Poland projects to Code for All API, Bogdan Ivanel who participated in

Johan, Milo and Bogdan has recently suggested that we should align our activities. Taking their initiative forward, I’m hoping that this online forum will help to exchange experiences and ideas and help us converge to standards and processes that will benefit all of us. I’ll try to facilitate this discussion proposing some topics, but I hope you jump in often.

Krzysztof Madejski