Context elements

Overview of the main problems derived from climate change that will affect agricultural production

  • Biophysical risks (weather, animal diseases, plant pests) are going to change – in terms of their nature, frequency and location – and in many cases in an uncertain way
  • It is difficult to predict the impacts of climate change on ecosystems as each component of the system will react differently, and hence changing relationships within the system
  • Building resilience to climate change starts by building resilience through sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystem restoration
  • Objective: produce more food, and stock more CO2 emissions than emitted in a functioning ecosystem

Need for tools and means to

* Evaluate risk and vulnerability
* Evaluate impacts : present and future
* Evaluate cost / benefit of scenarios and actions

Key levers for action : use scenarios to transform the agricultural system

* Managing land, water and biodiversity
* Improving local knowledge and capacities to adapt
* Anticipating key action to reduce impact of natural disasters