Deliver a resilient agriculture

Using geospatial data to improve agriculture’s resilience in the face of a changing climate


Project Ideas

Adding all Cameroon palm oil productions areas in OpenStreetMap to increase visibility and awareness



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  • Resilience to natural hazard: disaster risk reduction and management enhances the resilience of livelihoods

    1. What are the most impacted areas? (Red spots)
    2. What are the priority agricultural and ecological areas to protect? (green spots)
    • Transparency on prices for farmers to better negotiate

    • Meteological information to plan crop farming

    • Crop diversity: What is the crop diversity at farm or landscape level?

    • Landscale

      1. What are the impacts of various land use types on ecosystem services and climate change?
      2. Cartography of ecosystem services : represent the ecological function rather than beneficiaries
    • Food safety: interventions on both plant pests and animal diseases emphasized the importance of early action to prevent the spread of the risk

      1. How to identify and monitor crop and animal deseases? An approach to this integrates prevention, early warning, preparedness, and response to food chain emergencies
      2. How to identify the amount of food actually produced in nature reserves and protected areas? (hotspot for wild biodiversity and agricultural biodiversity)
    • How to use geospatial data to inform resilience assessments? How to detect early warning signals?

      1. By understanding and improving their environmental and economic conditions, local people can increase the social and ecological resilience of their landscapes.