[Group Traza] Which areas are most affected by anthropogene activities?

Which areas are most affected by anthropogene activities?

Challenge: Preserve natural resources

Project idea in couple of sentences:

Policy makers and researchers have difficulties locating areas which are massively affected by anthropogenic activities. This project therefore seeks to identify and map out areas that are affected by deforestation and encroachment. This will help policy makers to focus their inputs and researches at such areas with ease. The end product are deliverables such as maps and reports.

The story behind the project: why are you specifically interested by this issue?

Datasets to be used to produce a map as deliverable:

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Day 2:

The prototype to be presented will be a map of Cameroon that represents tree loss by region, as well as biomass CO2 emission. The idea is to show a correlation between the two to evaluate the impact of human activity on environment.

The data used:

  • Forest reserves (source)
  • Community forest (source!)
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/ Pitch feedback

Very good idea but be more specific on the indicators that you might use to qualify the biomass loss. A lot of researchers are already using these sort of measurements, and not sure biomass is the relevant indicator to reflect food resilience.

To what extent forest loss has an impact on agriculture production ?

To improve:

  • No need to outline the structure of your presentation at the beginning (it’s not an exposé :))
  • Don’t read you slides
  • Explain better the study area, why the southern zone of Cameroon?
  • Introduce the interactive maps
  • Explain why you analysis is relevant
  • Speak in the microphone
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Final pitch

GROUP TRAZA.pdf (2.0 MB)

/ The project

/ The dashboard

/ The roadmap

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Pitch #1 (not the final presentation)


Presentation outline:

  • Problem Definition
  • Project Objectives
  • Study Area
  • Materials Used
  • Process
  • Users
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Uploading: GROUP TRAZA .pptx…

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I hope you are all well.
As a winner, you benefit from mentoring until the end of December to create a more complete version of your pitch. Concerning the next steps of your project, could you please indicate how you would like to move forward? This would allow Camille Pinet and I to organize ourselves.
Best regards,

Julien Chupin