How to contribute to the OGP Toolbox?


You’re new here and want to know how you can help this project? Welcome and thank you for your support!

There are many ways to contribute.
You can start by adding your favorite tools and what you think are the best examples of their use in the real world (use cases). If you’re out of ideas, here is a rough list of tools that need to be added to the Toolbox. Just picking up one or two would already be a great help!
If you’re interested in a specific subject or an expert in some field, why not also create a collection to share tools useful and related to that topic? (see some examples here)

The OGP Tooibox is not just a platform it’s first and foremost an open source project. And we definitely want to make it a successful one!
The project has two parts: the UI, which is specific to the Toolbox, and the API, which is in common with another software project called Retruco.
You can report any error or bug to us by adding an issue ticket (a simple title and a description of the problem would be enough), posting a message on this forum or sending us an email.
If you’re a developer, you can take a look at our backlog and find an issue that you might want to contribute to. Outside of actual coding, any suggestions or input is of course very welcome.

Any insight is good insight. Please share your mind in any way you like! (issue ticket, email, this forum, Twitter…)

Thanks! :hearts::hearts::hearts: