Metadata exchange


I’ve been thinking about how to best exchange metadata. To give an example: DSI is categorizing and analyzing projects based on rough four categories: Open hardware, Open networks, Open data and Open knowledge. If I was given a choice at the moment of describing my project in any catalog to add those tags/categories it would help a lot DSI. Same goes for the specific needs/metadata of all other catalogs.

It seems to be that we should have a big part of metadata standardized, but also allow for extensions that could be easily propagated via platforms.

What’s your take on that?

Civic tech catalog's goals & user needs

You can download the data for at the bottom of this page: [ slash] open-data-research-and-resources in csv json xml.

the categories for projects can be seen in the top row here and for organisations here

copied here as well (but see spreadsheets for more info) (ones I think most important in italic)

Project Name Website Short description Long description Social impact Start date End date Country Region Latitude Longitude Linked Organisation IDs Who we help tags Support tags Focus Technology

Name Website Short description Long description Country Region Latitude Longitude Address Organisation type Organisation size Start date Linked project IDs Tags Network tags


Thanks for sharing this, Matt. It’s super helpful. As we build out various catalogs, I’d love to align as much as possible on:

  • Coalesce as much as possible on category names for civic tech sub-categories (e.g. “Crowdlaw”) and their translations across languages and cultures
  • Names for each data field (e.g. “Who we help” above)

How we organize those categories and that data might vary widely between catalogs, and that’s fine, but at least then we’d have an interoperable collection. What’s the best way for us curators to get together on these? Schedule workshop time at Code for All Summit?


Let’s schedule a workshop at Code for All Summit - I’ve heard that Bogdan Ivanel is working on that. To use the best the short face-to-face time that we will have I believe we should work on it online before and then discuss any issues, flag what we agree on and what needs further work. I’m committing to draft a doc where we can list all metadata fields of all catalogs and their descriptions.


Great! Here is a quick list of ways that we can share between catalogs

Please add anything you like


Hi everyone,

I’ve did a small exercise and put our metadata and taxonomies in spreadsheets, so we can see the similarities:


Hi Krzysztof, can you enable the sharing by link in the document settings? Thanks!


Thanks Krzysztof, I’ve just added in a couple of comments on the DSI database.

I’m on my way back right now from a conference where I met a couple of academics who have a database of around 350 DSI platforms. I hope to be able to get the data and will let you know if it’s useful and worth adding in here.