[Nature's best] Depleting forest cover in Cameroon

Depleting forest cover in Cameroon

Challenge: Preserving natural resources

Project idea in couple of sentences:

Forest cover depletion and its imput on biodiversity, land use, climate, population and health has a diect link with yield in agriculture. The project wants to showcase problem viz a viz available data, and offer recommandations to policy makers.

The story behind the project: why are you specifically interested by this issue?

Available datasets to use:

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Cameroon is looosing the forest cover.

For the last 5 years, Cameroon lost over 686 187 hectars of tree cover
Compare to the last 18 years, it was 514 497hectars.

==> So we can say there is an acceleration

1 - This deforestation has a direct effect on the rainfall.
The trend + projection

2 - !! There’s also a rise in temperatures in the past 35 years
in 2028 : the average of temperatures will be 25 °C (projection)

3 - Sunshine: More sunshine is heating the ground with no forest

Which zones are contributing more / are in alert

Comparision between:
Bio mass loss 2001 / Bio mass loss in 2010

==> The idea is to alert policy makers and stakeholders (Ministries/development partners - NGOs…)

==> This gonna have an effect on food production

Your project is interesting, and you have a special added value by giving projections.
Good pitch

Start directly with your issue
“People are going to suffer…” > Say it at the beggining
Better explain your predictive model
Have you manage to get all the necessay data?
Clarify how you have developed your map
You mention the possibility to build a dashboard, be more specific about what information could be integrated to it, if you can, wireframe this dashboard to give a better idea of the final product

Final Pitch

Depleting forest Cover in Cameroon.pdf (1.3 MB)

/ The project

/ The approach

/ Compare maps