OGP Toolbox Voting mechanism


Hi @johan,

You’ve mentioned that tags in OGP Toolbox can be voted by users. I don’t see such option though…


Any property of any item (tool, use case…) can be edited and voted upon. All properties are listed under ‘Additional information’, let’s take CKAN as an example:

For each of those properties you can click on ‘Edit’ and a modal window will appear where you can add a new value or vote on an existing one. Here I edit the ‘tags’ property:

Some properties are displayed prominently on a tool’s page, such as the logo, license and website in the top left corner. Clicking ‘Edit’ there will also display the same Edit/Vote window.

‘Pros & Cons Arguments’ are just properties that are displayed differently in the UI


Ok! Would be nice to bring out to light the vote functionality as Stackoverflow does it. “Edit” sounds scary.


Well voting is sort of the passive way to contribute. :wink: You can also add a new proposition, for example if you think there’s an error, or if you want to add a translation, etc. Hence edit: that’s the word we choose for “adding+voting”. I agree that it’s not particularly sexy. :slight_smile: