OGPToolbox rating algorithm


The rating algorithm of the OGPToolbox is a work in progress in a very early state. Help us improve it!

The rating of the cards (tools, use cases, organizations) is currently computed in the process-actions script of the API. Look for ratingSum variable.

Current algorithm

  • In theory, each authenticated user can give a rating (-1, 0 or +1) to a card, but currently only the card’s creator gives a +1 rating. Other users can’t vote)

  • The ratings are summed in ratingSum and counted in ratingCount.

  • the cards with more than 5 properties have their ratingSum multiplied by up to 2, while those with less than 5 properties have their ratingSum multiplied by a number less than 1. This is done using the arctangent function whose curve is:

    The real formula is:

    arctan(number_of_properties / 5) * 4 / π

  • If card contains a logo or a screenshot, its ratingSum is multiplied by 10.

  • if no reference is made to the card, its score is divided by 2, otherwise it is multiplied by the number of references.

  • If the card contains a “location” property and this property is an array, the rating is multiplied by the size of the array.

  • The rating of the arguments of the debate are added to the tool’s rating.