[OSM Team] AI4RA - Artificial Intelligence 4 Resilient Agriculture

AI4RA - Artificial Intelligence 4 Resilient Agriculture

Challenge: Deliver resilient agriculture

Project idea in couple of sentences:

How to generate the soil composition for a resilient agriculture?
This project aims to develop digital solution which associates aérial imagery and field data collection to generate soil composition data for a resilient agriculture

The story behind the project: why are you specifically interested by this issue?

Available datasets to use:

You can also add team members if relevant:

Espoir Adjangoa
Faneva Andrianiadantsa
Kolru Amegayibo
Nathalie Sidibe

Pitch feedback

Your project is very relevant as there are very real issues to understand soil quality for resilience.
You do have a nice concept and good approach (by involving the OSM community) on how to tackle something that has not yet been solved.(geotagging the soil quality)

To improve:
Insist on your very big strength: the OSM community and why this is powerful (great, skilled and commited people)
Your end users are probably wrongly targeted: they are the data scientists and not the farmers. Explain at the beggining why those users might be very interested in having access to a high-quality dataset that currently doesn’t exist. (and that you might be able to create with the OSM community)

  • Insist on the data collection by the OSM community and on the mechanism and steps that would be required to achieve the creation of such a dataset.

  • Talk to Adeline tomorrow to specifies certain aspects of the pitch…

Final pitch

AGDIC Hackathon - IA for Resilient Agriculture.pdf (467.6 KB)

/ The project

/ The process

/ The mobile app

J’espère que vous allez bien.
En tant que gagnant, vous bénéficiez donc d’un mentoring jusqu’à fin décembre pour réaliser une version plus aboutie de votre pitch. Concernant les prochaines étapes de votre projet. Pourriez vous svp indiquez comment vous souhaitez avancer? Cela permettrait à Camille Pinet et moi-même de nous organiser.
Bien cldt,
Julien Chupin