Ownership of data


I wanted to raise a new issue: ownership of the data. Big part of the information about the projects and organizations should be managed by them: title, description, goals, primary tags, etc. By writing & storing it independently we are running into sustainability problems: with the catalog growth as a catalog owner don’t have time to update entries, as organization/project owner you have to update information in several sources…

I’m wondering what you think about it…

  1. Should we allow one entity to over-write/manage such information as a reference point?
  2. Should we allow others to update it in case the original entity is no longer responsive?
  3. How we can foster information exchange? How practically one can choose reference point for each project?


I have a little bit the same of issue (though its the inverse), I have the right data, format, more updated than the institution which should have it published and be in charge of …
Me personnally, I will ask that updates are sent to me and I update the files after … as data are on my platform … (I am responsive then, so may be that’s not the right answer )

My real issue is to get consent from the initial owner to get published on my own platform (mainly when I got data from scrapping and improved after)


I was doing the same, getting descriptions from project and organization website, sometimes copying, sometimes writing my own summary and in the end sending the link to the organization asking them to confirm it.

Maybe we should have a notification mechanism if other update the information; An email to the owner saying “Some has proposed edits to your project description. You can accept it or reject it during the following 30 days. No action on your side will result in suggestions being incorporated.”


the right strategy is really to build a new dataset from your own , provided that the website from which you collect allows you to do so, I found one where it was mentionned crystal clear that building a database from their content is forbidden (and though I can always say I took it somewhere else in field, I didn’t copy theirs)

I will see with the " email mechanism" when “their” data will be on my own platform as from now, the owner never accept to meet me and to discuss about that ’ partnership" … ( It’s concerns only data I scrapped on a specific website … ) however, consent is important and its about Government Data too, no joke …

Now, only data I collected from different website, personnally, in field can be considered as my own …


yes, update is difficult when the final dataset is the result of multi website data collection … you never know after what is new …


Can we start with the use case (what do we need, to do what). I’d say: I need an overview of successful projects per “code for” partner, with a contact to reach out to if I want to know more, to browse and present/sell locally. Owner of that data is the curator at that partner org. Contact for the project is someone involved in the project, maybe the tech lead and the product owner.


Here I’d put “As a project and organization owner I want to publish and control information about my project in order for it to be easier to find.”


I was meaning Civic tech catalog's goals & user needs to be as a general place to send use cases. -> creating link with this message.