[Team Legend] Measuring the effects of mining activities

Pitch Feedback

Good relevance to the challenge because there are current and existing issues to identify land degraded for afforestation. So the project might bring a new approach.
(Afforestation is the establishment of a forest or stand of trees in an area where there was no previous tree cover)


  • Are there already similar or exisiting tools on the market? If yes, what is your value added against them?
  • How realisticly will users be interested in using your solution? Who are they exactly? (e.g. One reverse side is it could bring corruption to local governors if they can identify a valuable area - Ask Julien for more explanation if needed.)
  • You have a strong hypothesis about the issue on illegal mining, make sure this is also relevant in Cameroon as it is in Ghana.

What can make a difference:
The added value of your idea for afforestation projects.

To improve on the pitch:

  • Your hook is great, start directly with it! The introduction was a little bit too long.
  • Enlarge the font you used
  • Too much text
  • Slide 2 > add a map to locate the village you mention, it’ll be more visual!
  • Improve your map and explain better the legend (orally) Like what does the polygons represent etc.

But your pitch was dynamic and has a good rhythm, so keep this! :slight_smile:

–> Need: Your presentation uploaded here

Final pitch


/ The project

/ The approach

/ Expected result