Translation of category names


As we work to align on using interoperable category names where possible, it would be great to develop a guide to how these categories translate into other languages. Especially if a term or phrase doesn’t directly translate, and especially if a phrase or term in another language doesn’t have a good English equivalent.

I’ve started a list here, ordered by number of speakers (knowing that the civic tech community doesn’t necessarily map to this order):

Please feel free to add new phrases, translate any you know, and do what you like with it. This could be a good resource for all of us going forward.


I’ve started adding translations, but I’d like to raise one issue. I feel like for many participants of the discussion these terms are not always clear. Civic tech have different definitions and encompasses different activities. Shouldn’t we add a definitionS column?

Also for new people in the field and those from non-speaking countries the terms are not always clear.

All of that adds barriers to translation.


BTW: I’m highlighting with bold those terms that are actively used. The ones not bold might be:

  • non-existent process (such as voter registration in PL)
  • emerging fields (such as issue reporting in PL)


Really good points!

A definition column makes sense. I personally don’t mind if the definitions are imperfect, as long as they help translators. We can perfect them next time we have a critical mass of curators in person.

Marking which terms are actively used or irrelevant is super interesting, useful information, too. Thanks for adding.