User feedback Hackathon ODN 7 (4 et 5/03)



  • UVP is too small

A splash page with bckgrnd+clear and accurate uvp + CTA would be prefered:

  • UVP not clear enough
    Your site is a “DIRECTORY of digital tools to improve the democracy”. OGP is not digital tools. In a sub-UVP (a description) some more details should be mentionned like “crowdsourced directory”

  • MENU
    I assume that most of your visitors will land on your page while looking for a specific tool.
    Let say this user is looking for a vote app, if so the only relevant items in the menu are tools and collections . The about item, Use cases item and Organizations should not be displayed here.
    -> about should remain in the footer, it is too early to bring it to your users attention.
    -> uses case should better take the form of stories told in blog posts underlining the advantages and limits of using a specific tool.
    -> Organizations is interesting to me, since I have curiosity for this topic, but my guess is that most of users will not care much for this category. They just want to find a tool or a set of tools in a given collection.

  • BUBBLES block
    Despite it is fun and nice to have bubbles to play with, the pleasure stop after few seconds since it’s hard to identify the category of tool you have in mind. There is too much categories and they are all messed up.
    Instead of the BUBBLES, collections could play the exact same role, with a more pleasant experience.

    TAB (pic1): without the bubbles on the left pan of the screen, the tab display would be more confortable. Tabs also allow an easier navigation than SECTION (see pic2)


Below is a suggestion:


It would be nice to be able to add some screenshot of the tool just like in the appstore
The description box should be limited in characters
An help icon with an explanatory blurb would be welcome for each field especially for the “License” field. I have no idea of what it does refer to.
The website Url require to input http:// before the url, this is painful

Le débat argumenté: principal "call to action" de la Toolbox? / Argued discussion: main call to action for the Toolbox?